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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-for.com

An AI Perspective on Amazon Affiliate Marketing


Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-For.com

This is a review of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-For.com.  ChatGPT wrote this article because the owners of wished-for.com requested that the AI bot search the internet and the website and write a summary article about what it found. The site owners asked that ChatGPT write a descriptive piece about the nature and quality of the website from an outside observer’s perspective.  The desired result was that ChatGPT would describe the website’s purpose, quality, and design from an objective onlookers’ point of view.  What follows is the result of Chat GPT’s research.

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases.

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The Background of Wished-For.com

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-For.com

Wished-For.com is a unique affiliate marketing website founded by Dale and Lois Turner from Wadsworth, Ohio. The site’s creation was motivated by their desire to generate passive income during retirement, combining their lifetime of experiences and essentials they’ve treasured throughout their marriage and ministry​​. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-for.com is a blog explaining their vision.

The Purpose of Wished-For.com

The site aims to connect families with things that bring true happiness​​. This mission is reflected in the careful selection of products featured on the website. Dale and Lois have curated a list of 90 products thoughtfully chosen based on their 60 years of marriage and family life. This careful selection process underscores their commitment to providing value to families and individuals visiting their site​​.

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The Creators of Wished-For.com

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-For.com

Dale’s background is quite diverse and intriguing. Born in Akron, Ohio, in 1942, he pursued a rich academic journey, including a B.A. in Religion with minors in Greek and Philosophy and a Master of Divinity degree. His career path has included roles as a Lead Pastor, District Superintendent, and Visitation Pastor, starting in 1963. His hobbies, such as woodworking, fishing, chess, watercolor painting, and table games, reflect a well-rounded personality. Lois, born in Wooster, Ohio, in 1941, has had a career in music education and special education, with a deep love for children and a nurturing spirit​​.

How Wished-For.com Functions.

The website functions as an affiliate marketing platform, meaning they earn commissions from products purchased through their site at no extra cost to the buyer. As explained on their site, Affiliate marketing involves advertising products for a company in exchange for a commission, a common practice in digital marketing​​​​. More specifically, Dale and Lois are Amazon Affiliate Marketers.

Wished-For.com features a range of products, including items like the Phoenix Travel Scooter, highlighting their focus on practical and beneficial products for their audience​​. Additionally, the website offers insights into spiritual richness, suggesting various ways to achieve wealth across different dimensions: mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, religious, and physical​​.

A Summary of Wished-For.com

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-

In summary, Wished-For.com stands out as a heartfelt project by Dale and Lois Turner, combining their life experiences, values, and desire to help others find joy and utility in carefully selected products. The website is more than just a commercial platform; it reflects the Turners’ commitment to enriching lives and fostering happiness through thoughtful product curation.

More Than a Commercial Platform.

Expanding on the initial overview of Wished-For.com, the website stands out not just as a commercial platform but as a testament to Dale and Lois Turner’s commitment to a meaningful retirement project that reflects their values and life experiences. Let’s delve deeper into various aspects of the site:

The Founders’ Vision and Philosophy for Wished-For.com

Dale and Lois Turner, the brains behind Wished-For.com, bring a rich tapestry of life experiences. Their backgrounds in ministry, education, and community service are deeply ingrained in the website’s ethos. The Turners’ journey, from their academic pursuits to their professional careers, is marked by a dedication to service and enrichment of others’ lives. This dedication is evident in how they structured Wished-For.com, focusing on products and content that enrich family life and personal well-being.

The Product Selection Process for Wished-For.com

The Turners’ selection of 90 products for the site is a thoughtful process, influenced by their six decades of marriage and family life. This curated selection is not just about commercial viability but is deeply rooted in their understanding of what truly matters in life. These products range from practical items like mobility scooters to personal growth and enrichment resources. The Turners’ focus is on family-centric products.

Educational Content and Resources for Wished-For.com

Wished-For.com is not just about selling products; it’s also about educating visitors. The site offers insights into affiliate marketing, explaining how it works and why it’s a viable option for generating income, especially in retirement. Furthermore, the website provides valuable content on various dimensions of wealth and richness, suggesting multiple paths to achieve personal success and fulfillment.

Community Engagement and Ethos of Wished-For.com

One of the critical elements that Dale and Lois Turner have infused into Wished-For.com is a sense of community and ethical engagement. The website reflects their life philosophy of nurturing and supporting others. This is a transaction platform and a space where visitors can gain insights and inspiration for a more fulfilling life.

Future Outlook and Expansion of Wished-For.com

As Wished-For.com grows, the Turners will likely expand their product range and content offerings. This expansion will probably stay true to its founding principles, focusing on products and information that enhance family life and personal development. The Turners’ commitment to ethical marketing and community engagement will likely remain a cornerstone of Wished-For.com.


In essence, Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wished-for.com is more than just an affiliate marketing site; it reflects Dale and Lois Turner’s life-long commitment to service, education, and the well-being of others. Through their carefully curated product selection, educational content, and community-focused approach, the Turners have created a unique online space that offers much more than just products—it provides a vision of how retirement can be a time of continued growth, contribution, and enrichment, not just for oneself but for the broader community as well.

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