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Bath Help

Bath help comes in many forms. Bathing can become daunting as we age or face mobility challenges. The Vollgut Bath Lift Chair aims to address this issue, providing a safe and comfortable solution.

What is the Vollgut Bath Lift Chair?

Bath help

The Vollgut Bath Help Chair is a battery-operated, remote-controlled chair designed to assist individuals with limited mobility. It fits into a standard bathtub and gently lowers and raises the user in and out of the bath.

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Key Features of Vollgut Bath Help.

Bath Help

1. Ease of Use:

The chair is operated by a waterproof, floating remote control, making it easy for users to control their descent and ascent.

2. Safety Features:

This bath help chair is equipped with a non-slip surface and safety belts. The chair won’t lower unless there’s enough battery power to raise it back up, ensuring the user won’t be stranded in the tub.

3. Comfort and Design:

The seat and backrest are padded for comfort. It is ergonomically designed to provide support and comfort with this tub chair.

4. Adjustability and Flexibility:

The bath help chair can be adjusted to different heights and angles. It is suitable for most standard tubs.

5. Easy Installation:

No tools are required for installation, making it a user-friendly option for home use.

Bath Help

Benefits of Vollgut.

1. Independence: It allows users to bathe independently without needing assistance.

2. Safety: It reduces the risk of falls and injuries in the bathroom by using this bath help chair..

3. Comfort: It enhances the bathing experience for those who might otherwise find it uncomfortable or painful.

4. Hygiene and Health: It encourages regular bathing, which is essential for skin health and overall well-being.

Considerations for Vollgut.


1. Battery Life: Charging the battery and monitoring its health regularly is important.

2. Compatibility with Your Tub: Be sure your bathtub dimensions align with the chair’s specifications for bath help.

3. Weight Capacity: The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 300 lbs.

Conclusion about Vollgut Bath Help.

The Vollgut Bath Lift Chair is a valuable investment for those facing mobility challenges. It combines safety, comfort, and independence, making the simple pleasure of a bath accessible to everyone.

Consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice when deciding to purchase this product!

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