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Ten Player Board Games

Ten Player Board Games Introduction to Ten Player Board Games. Board games have long been a staple of entertainment, offering fun and various cognitive and social benefits. Traditionally, many board games cater to fewer players, often around four to six. However, with a few creative modifications, classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, Catan, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit,

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Card Games Traditional Togetherness

Card Games Traditional Togetherness. Introduction to Card Games Traditional Togetherness. Card games have long been a staple in family gatherings, serving as a bridge across generations and a catalyst for creating cherished memories. These games, ranging from the simplicity of “Go Fish” to the strategic depths of “Bridge,” offer more than just entertainment; they provide

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Wishedfordotcom, or wished-for.com, is a brand-new story in affiliate marketing. Owned and operated by Dale and Lois Turner from Wadsworth, Ohio, this website has become a beacon for those looking to understand the power and potential of Amazon affiliate marketing. This blog post delves deep into the journey of Wishedfordotcom, exploring its inception, strategies, challenges,

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Best Affiliate Marketing Resources

Affiliate marketing is an exciting digital marketing strategy that allows individuals to earn a commission by promoting the products or services of businesses. The best affiliate marketing resources are crucial for success, whether you are just starting or looking to enhance your affiliate marketing skills. 1. Some Sample Affiliate Marketing Websites for Best Affiliate Marketing

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Kardia Mobil EKG Monitor

The Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor is an innovative and valuable tool for heart health, especially for individuals needing regular heart monitoring, such as patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib). This compact, portable device enables users to capture medical-grade electrocardiograms (EKGs) in 30 seconds and provides instant analysis on a smartphone. It’s designed to detect heart conditions

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Bath Help

Bath help comes in many forms. Bathing can become daunting as we age or face mobility challenges. The Vollgut Bath Lift Chair aims to address this issue, providing a safe and comfortable solution. What is the Vollgut Bath Lift Chair? The Vollgut Bath Help Chair is a battery-operated, remote-controlled chair designed to assist individuals with

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Who is Wished-For.com? Wished-For.com started when Lois and Dale Turner from Wadsworth Ohio were thinking about how to make passive income in retirement. A lightbulb moment arrived when Dale suggested, “Why not create a website sharing with others the essentials we’ve treasured throughout our marriage and ministry?”  Lois had dedicated her life to teaching since

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing Explained is advertising programs run by companies that want to increase their sales by offering commissions to individuals who advertise their products on personal blogs or websites. The affiliate selects the products or services they want to promote after joining an affiliate program. Depending on the agenda, these could

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Grandpa Needs Furby

Introduction. Grandpa Needs Furby. In an era where technology often divides generations, the story of gifting a 2023 Furby to Grandpa for Christmas bridges this gap. This article explores the unique features of the 2023 Furby, its nostalgic value, and the touching experience of introducing it to Grandpa during the festive season. Click here to

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Dale Richard Turner

Introduction. There have been some recent inquiries about Dale Turner since he began his affiliate marketing online company WISHED-FOR.COM. This blog post is a response to those inquires! Click here to see Affiliate Marketing Blog: https://wished-for.com/1740-2/ Background. Dale Richard Turner was born in Akron, Ohio on April 11, 1942, at “People’s Hospital” (now Akron General

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Miko Foot Massager

Miko Foot Massager is a great investment for great foot health. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases. Click here to see on Amazon https://amzn.to/3FnEtLF Every stride you’ve taken through life has brought you to today! It is a time when life gets real, challenges intensify, and self-care is paramount. Reward those feet that

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Wished-For.Com Teeter Exercise

Wished-For.Com Teeter Exercise As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases. Click here to see on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Q5ggin In the ever-evolving world of fitness, the race is on for the ne big thing—the equipment or technique that promises better results, increased convenience, and a fresh challenge for enthusiasts. While there have been numerous contenders, the

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Wished-For.Com with Dale Turner

Wished-For.Com With Dale Turner Click here to see the book: https://wished-for.com/product/wished-for-com-affiliate-marketing/ Introduction, Wished-For.Com with Dale Turner. Greetings, readers! Today, I want to spotlight an individual making waves in affiliate marketing. An author and passionate affiliate marketer, Dale Richard Turner contacted ChatGPT for a unique request. After receiving and modifying the outcome from ChatGPT, he presented

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