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How I Built My First Kitchen Table

My granddaughter was going to college and she needed a kitchen table. So, I her grandpa, promised I would make her a table. I went to the lumberyard and purchased some hard maple wood in various sizes. I began by making the table legs. The first step in making the legs was to cut the pieces to 30 inches in length. To do this I used my,

Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.犀利士 >

This saw, designed as a cut-off saw, is just the right tool for cutting long boards into shorter pieces. The next step in the process was to turn the legs into round designs. To do this I used my,

Jet Lathe.

This lathe is designed for turning square wooden pieces into rounded creations perfect for table legs.   Having completed the legs, I turned to the next part of the project the tabletop. In order to make a tabletop I needed to use my,

Skill Table Saw.

The skill table saw is just the right tool for cutting boards both horizontally and vertically. I cut the boards to the right sizes and glued them together to make a tabletop. Having completed the table top I needed to create a fancy edge to make the table look more professional. To put this edge on the table I used my,

Bosch Router and Table.

The Bosch router table is the perfect tool for putting fancy hedges on tabletops. It uses multiple styles of router bits that can be switched out to create many different creative table edges. Having completed the table top I moved on to constructing the table frame. I noted that the boards for the table frame had rough surfaces. In order to smooth those surfaces I used my,

Jet Planer-Jointer.

The Jet Planer-Jointer is a great tool for smoothing the edges of boards. Not only does it smooth the edges it squares them for a perfect fit. Having smooth the edges of the boards I needed to also smooth the surface of the boards. To smooth the surface of the boards I used my,

Dewalt Thickness Planer.

The Dewalt Thickness Planer is a wonderful tool for smoothing wide surfaces of wood when making fine furniture. I ended up with a beautiful table for my granddaughter.

It actually took me a few years to get to the place in my life where I had the tools to build such a table. I did not acquire these tools all at once. Over time I was able to purchase them one by one and found the tools to be of high quality and long-lasting.

Perhaps you have an interest in starting a woodworking hobby, hesitating because of the lack of tools. Be encouraged. One does not need to purchase all of these tools at the same time. They can be collected over time as they are needed and afforded. A table saw is the tool I advise purchasing first. Much can be accomplished with just a table saw.

To learn more about such tools I invite you to check them out at my website entitled Wished-For.com. You can do this by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

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