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Embark on a high-seas adventure with the Hasbro Gaming Battleship Electronic Board Game, a modern twist on the classic naval combat game! This electronic version brings the excitement of maritime warfare right into your living room with interactive features and enhanced gameplay.


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Introducing Battleship.

Embark on a high-seas adventure with the Hasbro Gaming Battleship Electronic Board Game, a modern twist on the classic naval combat game! This electronic version brings the excitement of maritime warfare right into your living room with interactive features and enhanced gameplay.


BattleshipElectronic Lights and Sounds: The board comes alive with realistic sound effects and light indicators, immersing every hit-and-miss experience. Feel the tension rise with each turn as the sounds of the ocean and distant explosions fill the air from Battleships.

Advanced Mission Modes: Alongside the traditional gameplay, this edition includes various mission modes that add new layers of strategy and excitement. Engage in missions with different objectives, challenging even the most seasoned Battleship commanders.


Solo Play Option: Perfect for honing your skills, the solo play mode pits you against an AI opponent. This feature ensures you can enjoy Battleship even when a human opponent isn’t available.

Portable and Durable Design: Designed with portability in mind, the game folds into a sleek, compact case, making it easy to store and transport. The sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of travel and frequent play.


Interactive Command Center: The innovative command center allows players to track their shots and hits efficiently, minimizing confusion and keeping the focus on strategy and fun.

Multiplayer Fun: Suitable for two players, this game is a fantastic way to engage in head-to-head competition with friends and family.  Battleship is excellent for game nights, parties, or casual fun.


Educational Benefits: Besides being incredibly fun, Battleship offers educational benefits, such as improving strategic thinking, enhancing concentration, and developing spatial awareness.

Age-Appropriate Content: Recommended for ages seven and up, making it an excellent choice for kids and adults. The family-friendly content ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.


Click to see video on how to play Battleship.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gHJlYLomrs


History of Battleship.

BattleshipSet sail for an electrifying naval battle with the Hasbro Gaming Battleship Electronic Board Game. Whether you’re strategizing alone or competing against a worthy adversary, this game promises hours of engaging gameplay for everyone.

The board game Battleship has a long and fascinating history that traces back to the early 20th century, evolving from a pen-and-paper game to the well-known plastic board game many are familiar with today.

Early Beginnings.

The origins of Battleship are rooted in a game called “Broadsides, the Game of Naval Strategy,” a pen-and-paper match played since the First World War. This early version allowed players to draw their battle grids on paper and position ships as they saw fit. The objective was to sink the opponent’s fleet by calling out grid coordinates and marking hits and misses on the grid.


The game was first commercialized in the 1930s. Several companies produced versions under different names. Milton Bradley, a prominent American game company, released its version of the game in 1943, initially as a pad-and-pencil game.

Transition to Plastic:

In 1967, Milton Bradley introduced a plastic version of Battleship, transforming it into the form most are familiar with today. This version featured plastic grids and pegs, allowing players to “fire” at their opponents’ ships by calling out coordinates and placing pegs to track hits and misses. The game was designed for two players, each with their fleet of boats hidden from the opponent’s view.

Modern Developments:


New Editions of Battleship.


BattleshipBattleship has undergone numerous editions and variations, including electronic versions, themed editions (such as Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean), and even online and app versions. The game has been adapted into various languages and sold worldwide, becoming a staple in family game collections.

Cultural Impact:

Its popularity has led to its inclusion in pop culture, including references in films, television shows, and even a feature film titled “Battleship,” released in 2012, inspired by the game’s naval strategy concept.


Educational Value of Battleship.


Beyond entertainment, Battleship has been praised for its educational value, helping players develop strategy, logic, and spatial reasoning skills. In summary, Battleship has evolved from a simple pen-and-paper game to a globally recognized board game, adapting through the decades to incorporate new technologies and themes while maintaining its core naval strategy and competition gameplay.

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