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This book authored by, Dale Turner, is designed to build a small group movement in the local church by multiplying the number of groups annually. The book offers weekly discussion lessons on discipleship for 52 weeks. The book is also related to the website where a free spiritual gift survey with interpretive pages is available. You can access these resources by clicking on the following link and clicking on “Resources”, then clicking on “Spiritual Gift Survey” (two pages), and then clicking on “Spiritual Gift Definitions (Three pages). https://daleturner.org/  You have permission to copy these survey pages and definition pages and distribute them for use in your church.  Check out the following link to see a sample of the spiritual gift survey.  https://daleturner.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Spiritualgiftssurveypage1.pdf


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TLC Groups for Busy Disciples

The groups meet for 59 minutes in a host home, led by a TLC pastor trained by the church staff.TLC Groups for busy disciples

TLC Groups for Busy Disciples is a guidebook for establishing small groups for Christian nurture and growth. The groups meet weekly.


The groups, intended for busy 21st-century families, include members of all ages and life stages. Rather than purely study or prayer groups, they focus on activities like prayer, lesson discussion, and mission projects. The book outlines the flexible structure of meetings and the broader purpose of fostering discipleship and spiritual growth.


Tender Loving Care (TLC) groups are designed to meet weekly in the home of a church family trained to be a TLC Host. The groups are led by a church member trained as a Lay Pastor. The groups share for one year, then become two groups as they intentionally grow through multiplication.


Click here to see a video about small groups:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK6J7zkv9Js

TLC Groups for Busy Disciples are Study Groups.

Over one year, the groups do an intensive study of the meaning of PRAYERS, PRESENCE (worship attendance), GIFTS (financial stewardship), SERVICE (mission outreach), and WITNESS (faith sharing).

TLC Groups For Busy DisciplesTLC Groups for Busy Disciples are Prayer Groups.

With a focus on “conversational prayer,” the group members learn how to pray out loud as intercessors for the needs of group members, community members, the world as a whole, and special needs as they arise. Group members learn to create a “FRANgelism” list as they pray for friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors to become disciples of Jesus.

TLC Groups for Busy Disciples are Mission Groups.


Every TLC Group for Busy Disciples adopts a “mission” to reach out into the community or world to make a difference in the lives of others through some form of hands-on ministry that becomes the group mission.

TLC Groups for Busy Disciples is a Support Group.

As lift situations arise in the daily lives of group members, the agenda of the weekly meeting may shift away from the assigned study topics as the group ministers to individuals through active listening and prayer.


TLC Groups for Busy Disciples Worship Groups.

A strong emphasis is placed on worship attendance as group members pledge to participate in worship every Saturday. Group members are encouraged to reach out and bring friends, family, and community members to worship services.

TLC Groups for Busy Disciples are Giving Groups.

In the groups, members learn the values of Christian stewardship as they learn the meaning of growing toward tithing in support of the mission of their local church.


TLC Groups For Busy Disciples

TLC Groups for Busy Disciples are Loyal Groups.

The members commit to supporting their local church, pastor, staff, and volunteers in their congregation’s mission and outreach.

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