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Cold Press Watercolor Paper


A high-quality cold press 140 lb paper is best for lasting watercolor paintings. Resistant for repeated washes, this natural white paper is good for watercolor and acrylic. The 18-inch x 24-inch sheets are great for all-size paintings and perfect for framing. I suggest purchasing at least two of these pads to be sure you have enough on hand for your next painting.


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Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Cold Press Watercolor PaperThe choice of materials can significantly influence the outcome of a masterpiece in the realm of artistic expression. Among these materials, high-quality Cold Press 140-pound art paper stands out as a favored medium for artists and professionals. This type of paper, known for its remarkable texture and durability, offers a versatile canvas for various mediums. Below are ten compelling reasons why artists should consider incorporating this premium paper into their creative arsenal.

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Exceptional Texture of Cold Press Watercolor Paper.


Cold Press 140-pound paper boasts a distinctive, slightly textured surface ideal for watercolors, acrylics, and gouache. This texture adds depth and character to the artwork and allows for better pigment absorption, enhancing the colors’ vibrancy.

Superior Durability of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


Watercolor Cold Press Paper

This art paper exhibits exceptional durability thanks to its substantial weight and quality. It withstands multiple layers of paint, erasing, and scrubbing, making it an excellent choice for artists who frequently experiment and revise their work.


Optimal Absorbency.


The absorbency of Cold Press 140-pound paper is finely balanced. It holds water and pigments well without excessive warping or buckling, ensuring the artwork remains flat and intact.

Versatility of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


Cold Press Watercolor PaperThis paper is versatile, accommodating various artistic techniques beyond water-based mediums, including pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Its robust nature makes it suitable for mixed media applications, offering endless possibilities for creative exploration.

Enhanced Color Performance of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


Colors appear more vivid and nuanced on Cold Press 140-pound paper. The unique surface texture interacts with pigments to produce rich, dynamic shades and subtle gradients, elevating the visual impact of the artwork.

Archival Quality of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


High-quality Cold-Press paper is often acid-free, ensuring that artworks last for generations without yellowing or deteriorating. This archival quality is ideal for professional artists and anyone looking to preserve their work over time.

Improved Control of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


The texture and absorbency of the paper provide artists with improved control over their medium. Whether manipulating the flow of watercolor or building up layers of paint, this paper offers a reliable foundation for precise artistic expressions.

Professional Results.


Cold Press Watercolor PaperCold Press 140-pound paper can elevate an artist’s work from good to exceptional. The quality of the paper is reflected in the finished piece, imparting a professional appearance that is noticeable to both artists and viewers alike.

Inspiration Through Material of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


Working with high-quality materials can inspire artists to push their boundaries and explore new techniques. Cold Press 140-pound paper’s tactile feel and performance can stimulate creativity and lead to innovative outcomes.

Community and Standards of Cold Press Watercolor Paper


Choosing this type of paper aligns with the practices of professional artists and the art community’s standards. Using materials recognized for their quality and performance can open doors to exhibitions, galleries, and publications.



High-quality Cold Press 140-pound art paper is more than just a surface for artistic endeavors; it’s a medium that can transform the creative process and elevate the artwork. Its unique blend of texture, durability, and versatility makes it an invaluable resource for artists seeking to achieve the highest standards in their work. Whether for professional projects, personal exploration, or archival purposes, this paper embodies the essence of artistic excellence and remains a testament to the beauty of creating with superior materials.

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