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Dewalt Jig Saw


This jigsaw features a keyless, lever-action blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes. The 5.5-amp motor delivers powerful cuts in the hardest materials.  This is a perfect tool to complement your saber saw by making cuts in larger material that will not fit on the saber saw table.


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Dewalt Jig Saw

Introduction to the Dewalt Jig Saw.

Dewalt Jig SawThe DEWALT DW317K Jig Saw is a robust and versatile tool designed for precision and durability. Featuring a powerful 5.5-Amp motor, this corded jig saw delivers optimal cutting performance in various materials. The top handle design offers excellent control and comfort, making it easy to handle during long projects. With a variable speed ranging from 0 to 3,100 strokes per minute, it allows for precise cutting in multiple applications. The tool-free blade change system makes blade swaps fast and effortless, minimizing downtime. Its 4-position orbital action provides control over cut quality and speed, while the shoe bevel is adjustable for angled cuts in both positive and negative directions. Built for both professional and DIY projects, the DEWALT DW317K is enclosed in a sturdy case for easy transport and storage.


Click here to see a video of the Dewalt Jig Saw.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYxFtT9wNZw


Practical Applications for the Dewalt Jig Saw.


Cutting Intricate Shapes in Wood with the Dewalt Jig Saw.


Dewalt Jig SawThe DEWALT DW317K Jig Saw is perfect for craftsmen looking to create intricate designs and shapes in wood. Whether you are crafting custom furniture, wooden toys, or decorative pieces, this jig saw’s precise control allows for complex cuts with ease. The variable speed settings help in managing the cut according to the complexity and the type of wood, ensuring smooth edges and detailed results every time.


Trimming Laminate Flooring.


Installing laminate flooring often requires precise trimming to fit the panels around corners and under door frames. The DEWALT DW317K, with its robust motor and adjustable base, allows for accurate and clean cuts through laminate materials. This ensures a professional-looking installation with a snug fit, enhancing the durability and appearance of the flooring.


Cutting Metal Sheets.


Dewalt Jig SawThis jig saw is not limited to woodworking—it can also handle metal cutting tasks with ease. Fitted with the appropriate metal-cutting blade, the DW317K can slice through sheet metal for projects like HVAC installations, custom car modifications, or even crafting metal artwork, providing smooth cuts without burring.


Making Straight and Curved Cuts in Plywood.


Plywood projects often require a mix of straight and curved cuts which can be challenging with other saws. The DEWALT DW317K’s orbital settings make it ideal for handling these demands, allowing users to switch between aggressive cuts for straight lines and smoother, more controlled cuts for curves.


Cutting Countertops.


When remodeling kitchens or bathrooms, cutting countertops precisely is crucial. Whether you are fitting countertops around sinks or appliances, the DEWALT DW317K offers the precision and power needed to cut through materials like laminate or solid wood countertops, ensuring a perfect fit.


Trim Work and Moldings.


Trim work and moldings require meticulous cuts, often at various angles. The adjustable shoe bevel of the DW317K allows for angled cuts, making it an excellent tool for fitting trim and molding in homes, enhancing the finish and fit of these decorative elements.


Creating Stenciled Designs in Panels with the Dewalt Jig Saw.


For more artistic projects, such as creating stenciled designs in panels or doors, the DW317K’s ability to make intricate and detailed cuts shines. It allows artists and decorators to create unique, detailed cut-outs in panels, adding custom flair to any room’s decor.


Window Installation.


Cutting the wooden panels or trimming the materials around window frames requires a tool that offers both precision and power. The DW317K can perform these tasks efficiently, ensuring that the window fits perfectly in its designated space without damage to the material or frame.


Installation of Vent Covers.


Installing vent covers often involves cutting through various materials. Whether it’s cutting metal grates or trimming wood panels, this jig saw can adjust to the material with its variable speed settings, ensuring a clean, precise cut that fits exactly to the opening.


Crafting Outdoor Signs.


The DW317K is an ideal tool for crafting wooden signs for businesses or personal use. Whether cutting through thick posts or delicate letters, the saw’s precision and easy handling allow for detailed and creative signage.


Building Birdhouses and Pet Homes with the Dewalt Jig Saw.


DIY projects like birdhouses or small pet homes are great with this jig saw. Its ability to cut through various thicknesses and materials allows hobbyists to craft small shelters easily, making intricate cuts for entrances or decorative elements.


Dismantling Pallets.


Reclaiming wood from pallets is a popular task for many DIY enthusiasts. The DW317K makes dismantling pallets quicker and more efficient, allowing users to repurpose the wood for furniture, decor, or other projects without straining the material.


Making Joints for Woodworking.


Woodworking often involves creating joints, and precision cuts are crucial for this. The jig saw’s ability to make precise plunge cuts allows for the creation of various types of joints, improving the strength and appearance of the final product.


Cutting PVC Pipes.


For plumbing projects, cutting PVC pipe accurately is necessary. The DW317K can handle these tasks smoothly with a blade suitable for plastic, providing clean cuts that fit perfectly, avoiding leaks or mismatches in the plumbing installations.


Crafting Custom Closet Systems with the Dewalt Jig Saw.


Building custom closet systems often involves cutting numerous panels and components to fit. The DEWALT DW317K allows for precise cuts and customized fitting of parts, ensuring that every element of the closet system is perfectly aligned and stable.


Conclusion about the Dewalt Jig Saw.


The DEWALT DW317K Jig Saw stands out as a highly versatile and efficient tool that caters to a wide range of cutting needs. From detailed woodworking and intricate designs to robust tasks like cutting metal sheets and countertops, this jig saw combines power, precision, and ease of use. Its tool-free blade change system, variable speed control, and adjustable orbital action make it an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re remodeling a home, crafting custom furniture, or tackling intricate artistic projects, the DEWALT DW317K is designed to deliver superior performance and reliable results across various materials and applications. With this tool in your arsenal, you’re well-equipped to handle even the most challenging projects with confidence and achieve a professional finish every time.


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