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Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw


For cutting long thin boards like 2×4’s there’s nothing like a miter saw.  Next to a table saw this is the second power tool I would suggest when setting up a small home woodworking shop.  I think it is especially important to spend just a little more to get a “sliding” miter saw for those longer cuts. 


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Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw

Introduction to the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.


Dewalt Sliding Miter SawThe DEWALT DW718 12-inch Double-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw is engineered for precision and durability. Featuring a powerful 15-amp motor, this miter saw delivers extended power and efficiency. The adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with ten positive stops ensures accuracy, easy setup, and improved productivity. Its tall sliding fences support a 6-5/8-inch nested crown and a 6-1/2-inch base molding vertically.


Click here to see a video about this product.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj0Hm9hCewY

The dual horizontal steel rails of the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

At the same time, the dual horizontal steel rails with innovative clamping mechanisms and linear ball bearings deliver an accurate, durable, and compact saw. Additionally, the saw’s double-bevel capability allows the user to flip the saw, not the material, providing precise bevel cuts. The lightweight design, built-in carry handle, and convenient cam lock miter handle further enhance portability and ease of use.

Practical Applications for the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.


Crown Molding Installation:

Dewalt Sliding Miter SawThe DEWALT DW718’s tall sliding fences and double-bevel capabilities make it an excellent tool for cutting crown molding. Its precision allows for accurate miter and bevel cuts, essential for the tight joins required in crown molding, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.


Framing with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

This saw is perfect for constructing frames for structural buildings or smaller projects like picture frames. Its power to handle thick materials and ability to make quick, accurate cuts speed up the assembly process, ensuring all pieces fit perfectly.


Deck Building with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

The DEWALT DW718 simplifies the process of building decks. Its ability to cut through various lumber sizes and its precision in ensuring that each piece aligns correctly enhance the overall build quality and structural integrity of deck projects.


Creating Fences.

Dewalt Sliding Miter SawThis saw’s power and precision make it ideal for cutting posts or cross pieces for a fence. Its ability to make repeated cuts of the same length and angle ensures consistency throughout the project, which is critical for aesthetics and function.

Window and Door Frames with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

This miter saw’s accuracy is crucial when cutting pieces for window and door frames, where even a slight deviation can be problematic. The precision cuts ensure frames are square and fit perfectly into their designated openings.


Trim Work with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

The saw is excellent for making the detailed and precise cuts needed for trim work around doors, floors, and windows. The ability to adjust the angle of the blade allows for complex miters that enhance the interior design of any room.


Building Stairs.

Stair building requires precise and consistent cuts, particularly for the stair stringers that match exactly. The DW718’s powerful motor and accurate settings help ensure each cut is executed perfectly for a safe and aesthetically pleasing staircase.

Installing Baseboards with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

With its high vertical fence, the DW718 allows for easy handling of tall baseboards, making precise cuts for a snug fit, especially at corners where two pieces of baseboard meet.


Making Furniture with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

Whether you are building a simple stool or an intricate cabinet, the DW718 provides the necessary precision for both straight and angled cuts, which are crucial for fitting pieces together correctly.


Constructing Sheds and Outbuildings.

The saw’s ability to handle more significant pieces of wood and its portability make it an excellent choice for building outdoor structures like sheds, where precision and efficiency are needed.

Home Renovations with theDewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

This saw offers the reliability and accuracy needed to complete various home renovation projects that involve cutting through wood, such as replacing beams, joists, or panels, quickly.


Flooring Installations.

The DW718 is easily accomplished when installing wooden flooring, mainly when working with hardwood planks. The precise cuts needed at the room’s edges are primarily accomplished when working with hardwood planks.


Crafting Picture Frames with the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw.

This tool is ideal for crafting picture frames, where precision is crucial to ensure that all four corners fit tightly. The ability to make fine adjustments to the blade angle means perfect corners every time.

Building Bookshelves and Storage Units.

The DEWALT DW718 is perfect for cutting shelves and sides of bookshelves and storage units to exact dimensions, which is essential for their stability and fit.


Custom Woodworking Projects with theDewalt Sliding Miter Saw. 

This saw provides the versatility and accuracy needed to execute complex cuts for custom projects requiring unique designs and precision cuts, elevating the craftsmanship of any custom woodworking project.

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