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Dewalt Thickness Planer


As a grandfather woodworker, I find myself looking everywhere for hardwoods that I can work up into things like rocking chairs, children’s building blocks, toy cars and trucks, picture frames, and dining room chairs and tables. 


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Dewalt Thickness Planer

Introduction to the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Dewalt Thickness PlanerThe DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer is a robust, precision-engineered tool designed to handle a wide range of woodworking tasks quickly and efficiently. This powerful 15-amp planer operates at a speed of 20,000 RPM, ensuring smooth, precise cuts on various types of wood. Its 12-1/2-inch width capacity and three-knife cutter head provide a superior 96 cuts per inch, making it ideal for creating consistently smooth finishes.


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More details of the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

The cutter head is reversible, extending the life of the knives and reducing the need for frequent replacements. A built-in chip ejection system assists in managing debris, directing it to a designated collection area, thus keeping your workspace clean and operational. Perfect for professional carpenters and woodworking enthusiasts, the DEWALT DW734 brings industrial performance to your workshop.

Practical Applications of the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Resurfacing Reclaimed Wood with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Dewalt Thickness PlanerThe DEWALT DW734 is perfect for resurfacing reclaimed wood and smoothing old, rough lumber into clean, usable boards. This planer also easily removes old paint, smooths out weathered surfaces, and prepares wood for upcycling projects, making it an essential tool for environmentally conscious woodworkers.

Dimensioning Rough Lumber.

Turn rough, raw lumber into precisely dimensioned pieces ready for construction or assembly. The planer’s powerful motor and efficient cutter head can handle large volumes of wood, ensuring each piece meets your project’s specifications.

Creating Custom Wooden Pieces with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Dewalt Thickness PlanerCraft custom wooden furniture or components with bespoke dimensions. Whether creating unique table tops or tailored cabinet parts, the DW734 allows for precise thickness adjustments, ensuring each piece fits perfectly within your designs.

Crafting Wooden Countertops with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Utilize the planer to craft smooth, flat wooden countertops from rough slabs. The high RPM and consistent feed rate ensure a flawless finish, which is ideal for kitchen, workshop, or bathroom installations.

Building Doors and Window Frames with the Dewalt Thickness Planer. 

The DW734 lets you dimension and smooth large wooden panels for doors and window frames. Its capacity to handle wide boards makes it an excellent choice for creating structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing elements.

Refinishing Antique Furniture.

Refinish wood surfaces to restore antique furniture. This planer can gently remove the worn-out top layer of old furniture pieces, revealing the fresh wood underneath, ready for a new finish.

Preparing Wood for Veneering with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Wood surfaces must be perfectly smooth before veneer is applied. The DW734 ensures a perfect base for veneering, helping prevent bubbling or misalignments in exemplary furniture projects.

Crafting Wooden Toys and Puzzles.

Produce smooth, safe surfaces for wooden toys and puzzles. This planer’s precision cutting ability makes it ideal for creating parts that fit together perfectly, which is essential in toy making.

Making Shelving Units with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Create custom shelving units by plaining wood to a precise thickness, ensuring uniformity and stability in your projects. This ensures that all shelves are perfectly aligned and fit securely.

Paneling and Wainscoting with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Achieve uniform thickness and smoothness for decorative wall paneling and wainscoting, enhancing room aesthetics and raising property values.

Constructing Staircases with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Plane stair treads and risers uniformly to ensure a level, safe staircase. The consistent output from the DW734 ensures each piece matches perfectly, which is crucial for structural integrity.

Planning Wooden Signs with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Create eye-catching wooden signs with perfectly planed surfaces, ideal for painting or sealing. The smooth finish enhances readability and visual appeal.

Building Custom Workbenches with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Construct robust, flat workbenches that are ideal for any workshop. A planer is vital for ensuring the work surface is perfectly flat and free from imperfections.

Crafting Musical Instruments with the Dewalt Thickness Planer.

Precision is vital in musical instrument construction, especially for wooden instruments like guitars and violins. The DW734 allows for meticulous thickness control, which is essential for acoustics.

Creating Architectural Details.

The DW734 produces intricate architectural details like moldings, trims, and casings. The planer’s precision ensures that each detail is crafted to exact specifications, which is essential for restoring or matching historical architecture.

The DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer offers unmatched versatility, precision, and reliability, making it an indispensable tool in any woodworking shop. Its ability to transform ordinary wood into finely crafted pieces makes it ideal for various applications, from basic functional construction to intricate artistic creations.


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