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Jet Lathe


As a retiree with a woodworking hobby, I love to make chess sets, salt and pepper shakers, candle sticks, Christmas tree ornaments, checker sets, bowls, toy car wheels, and many other gift items.  I find the Jet lathe, listed here, just the right thing for my hobby. 


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Jet Lathe

Introduction to the Jet Lathe.

Jet LatheUnleash your creativity and precision in woodworking with the JET 12″ x 21″ Variable-Speed Woodworking Lathe. This high-performance tool, with its robust 1 HP motor and versatile 115V single-phase power requirement, is designed for efficiency and ease of use. The JWL-1221VS model offers exceptional control over operation with variable speeds ranging from 60 to 3600 RPM, allowing for meticulous adjustments suitable for various wood types and tasks.


Click this link to see a video of the lathe.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SmmqlJ9GwE

Ratchet-style belt tension system.

The innovative ratchet-style belt tension system, integrated digital readout for precise speed settings, and convenient 21-inch working capacity make this lathe ideal for novice woodworkers and seasoned artisans. Thanks to its cast iron construction, this lathe offers stability and reduced vibration, ensuring durability and quality in your work.

Practical Applications of the Jet Lathe.

Bowl Turning with the Jet Lathe.


Jet LatheBowl turning is a widespread use for this lathe. The variable speed control allows for meticulous adjustments during the turning process, helping to create smooth, symmetrical bowls of various sizes, perfect for kitchen use or decorative purposes.


Pen Making with the Jet Lathe.


Precision is vital in pen making, and the JWL-1221VS excels at this. Its fine speed control facilitates the delicate turning needed to craft exquisite, custom pens, making it a favorite among artisans specializing in small, detailed projects.


Furniture Legs with the Jet Lathe.


Crafting uniform, aesthetically pleasing furniture legs is straightforward with this lathe. Whether replicating a vintage design or creating a modern look, the lathe’s capacity and power handle both soft and hardwoods, ensuring professional results.


Candlesticks: with the Jet Lathe.


Jet LatheTurning candlesticks is an art that benefits from the JWL-1221VS’s precise speed settings and stability. The ability to manipulate speed helps achieve the intricate details and smooth finishes desired in decorative candlesticks.


Baseball Bats with the Jet Lathe.

The lathe’s robust construction and 21-inch capacity are ideal for turning wooden baseball bats. The variable speeds adapt to different wood densities, allowing for customized shaping and sizing.


Christmas Ornaments with the Jet Lathe.


The holiday season brings a demand for custom, handcrafted Christmas ornaments. This lathe’s precision makes it perfect for creating unique decorations that can be cherished for generations.


Wooden Spoons and Utensils.


The ability to turn small, detailed items like wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils is a breeze with this lathe. Its reliable performance and speed control ensure perfectly shaped and functional pieces.


Wooden Bowls for Pets.


Custom pet bowls are a niche but rewarding project, and the JWL-1221VS provides the necessary control and capacity to produce them in various sizes and shapes tailored to specific needs.


Architectural Columns with the Jet Lathe.


This lathe can precisely craft small-scale architectural columns, and it is capable of handling larger projects that require detail and symmetry.


Musical Instruments with theJet Lathe. 


Crafting components for musical instruments, such as wooden flutes or drumsticks, requires exact specifications that this lathe can easily accommodate thanks to its precision controls.


Salt and Pepper Mills.


The lathe’s ability to turn wood to exact dimensions makes it ideal for creating custom salt and pepper mills, a popular project among woodworkers who want to personalize kitchen accessories.


Vases and Planters with the Jet Lathe.


Wooden vases and planters add a rustic charm to any setting, and turning them on this lathe ensures a professional finish with the desired thickness and curvature.


Chess Pieces with the Jet Lathe.


Turning their custom pieces can be a gratifying project for chess enthusiasts. The lathe’s fine control helps craft detailed pieces, from pawns to kings.


Lamp Bases with the Jet Lathe.


Creating lamp bases involves carefully shaping them to ensure they are functional and stylish. The JWL-1221VS’s capabilities allow for creating diverse designs that can complement any decor style.


Decorative Art Pieces with the Jet Lathe.


The JWL-1221VS offers endless artistic possibilities. Whether creating abstract sculptures or detailed figurative pieces, this lathe provides the precision needed to create standout art.
This versatile woodworking lathe from JET is more than just a tool—it’s a gateway to expanding your woodworking capabilities, allowing for endless creative expression across a wide range of projects.


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