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Jet Planer Jointer


When building cupboards and furniture, ensuring your wood is square is crucial.  A jointer is essential for this task. I use a jointer to square up boards and make table tops. If you like making coffee, end, and kitchen tables, you will be glad you joined.  The jointer pictured here is very sturdy.  I like the 8-inch width for flattening outboards.


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Jet Planer Jointer

Introduction to the Jet Planer Jointer.


Jet Planer JointerIt introduces the JET 6-inch Benchtop Jointer, Model JJ-6HHBT, a powerhouse tool designed for precision woodworking. This compact yet robust jointer is equipped with a spiral head and powered by a 1 HP motor, ensuring smooth and accurate results. Operating on a standard 115V single-phase connection, it’s ideally suited for professional workshops and dedicated home woodworkers.


Click this link to see a video of the Jet Planer Jointer.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5SPD5bssY4

Spiral cutter head with the Jet Planer Jointer.

The spiral cutter head with indexable carbide inserts minimizes tear-out and increases the longevity of the cutting blades. The JJ-6HHBT features easy adjustments for precise control of depth, an extra-long table for stability, and a simple fence system for straightening and squaring tasks.

Practical Applications of the Jet Planer Jointer.

Squaring Lumber.

Jet Planer JointerPerfect for preparing rough lumber, the JET 6-inch Jointer ensures each piece is perfectly square and ready for use in high-quality projects. This application is critical for creating stable and aesthetically pleasing furniture.


Flattening Boards with the Jet Planer Jointer.

They often need flattening before you can work with new lumber. This jointer excels at producing flat surfaces across boards, essential for uniform projects.

Edge Jointing with the Jet Planer Jointer.

Create perfectly straight edges on your wood pieces. Edge jointing is essential for tight joinery projects, ensuring all parts fit together seamlessly.


Reducing Thickness with the Jet Planer Jointer.

When the wood of a specific thickness is needed, the JET 6-inch Jointer allows precise control over material removal, which is essential for custom projects and specialty finishes.

Beveling Edges with the Jet Planer Jointer.

Jet Planer Jointer
This jointer can also be adjusted to create beveled edges, often required in cabinet-making and exemplary furniture projects for aesthetic and functional finishes.

Removing Warps and Twists with the Jet Planer Jointer.

Ideal for reclaiming and recycling wood, this jointer can remove warps and twists from old wood, making it usable for new projects.

Creating Tapered Legs with the Jet Planer Jointer.

This jointer can create tapered legs for tables and chairs with careful fence adjustment, adding elegance and style to your furniture.

Sash and Framework with the Jet Planer Jointer.

The jointer is an indispensable tool in window and door making. It ensures frames are square and all joints fit snugly.

Panel Surface Preparation.

Smoothing the surface wood before assembling panels ensures the finished product looks polished and professionally made.


Crafting Stronger Glue Joints.

Creating flat, smooth joints ensures stronger adhesion and a longer-lasting finish for woodworkers who rely on glue for joinery.

Making Custom Moldings.

With a creative setup, this jointer can craft small, custom moldings for decorative trim and other detailing in woodworking projects.

Preparing Stock for Bending.

Jet Planer Jointer
Uniformly flat stock is crucial when preparing wood for bent lamination. The JET 6-inch Jointer ensures consistent thickness across the piece.


Smoothing Rough Edges.

Quickly smooth out rough edges on freshly cut lumber, reducing sanding time and preparing pieces for further processing.


Creating Decorative Effects.

For projects requiring a rustic or textured look, the jointer can be adjusted to slightly distress the edges of boards, adding character to the finished piece.


Joining Veneers.

Ensuring the underlying surfaces are perfectly flat is crucial for a flawless finish when working with veneers. This jointer helps achieve that with precision.

Each JET 6-inch Benchtop Jointer application showcases its versatility and essential role in a woodworker’s toolkit, making it a valuable investment for anyone serious about woodworking. Whether you’re a professional looking to streamline your processes or a hobbyist seeking to elevate your craft, the JJ-6HHBT is designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of your work.


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