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Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper


I (Dale) have used many methods for dealing with grass collection and leaf disposal.  I have used everything from mower baggers to giant hand rakes in the hands of my family members.   Finally, in my elder years, I discovered the lawn sweeper towed behind your riding mower. Once you try it, you will never want to use anything else.  The one pictured here is 50″, large enough to finish the job quickly and effectively.


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Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper

Introduction to the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.

The Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper is a high-performance lawn sweeper designed for residential and commercial use. This model boasts a substantial 50-inch sweeping path and a large 26 cubic feet collection hopper, making it efficient and effective for many cleaning tasks.

Robust materials of the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.


Ohio Steel Lawn SweeperBuilt with robust materials, the sweeper features a durable steel body and a sealed steel ball bearing on the brush axle, ensuring longevity and reliability. The 11-inch spiraled polypropylene brushes, adjustable in height, allow maximum contact with the ground, enhancing the pickup rate and reducing the need for multiple passes. The sweeper attaches easily to most garden tractors through a universal hitch and includes a collapsible hopper for easy storage.


Click this link to see a video of the lawn sweeper.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGwtL4yCh8w


Practical Applications of the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.

Leaf Collection in Large Yards with the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.


Ohio Steel Lawn SweeperThe Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper is ideal for collecting leaves over large areas, such as expansive residential lawns or parks. Its wide sweeping path can quickly cover much ground, saving time and effort during the fall season when leaves accumulate rapidly. The high-capacity hopper means fewer stops to empty collected debris, allowing for continuous operation and increased productivity. In addition, adjusting the height of the brushes ensures optimal performance on various lawn surfaces, whether dealing with dry leaves or heavier, damp foliage.


Grass Clippings Removal After Mowing with the

Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper

This sweeper excels at removing grass clippings from lawns after mowing. Efficiently collecting the clippings helps maintain a neater appearance and promotes healthier grass by preventing clumps that can smother the lawn and cause yellow patches. The collected grass clippings can be easily composted or used as mulch, providing an environmentally friendly way to recycle yard waste and enrich soil health.


Cleanup After Storms.


Ohio Steel Lawn SweeperFollowing heavy storms, yards can be littered with debris such as twigs, small branches, and other organic matter. The Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper can be quickly deployed to clear this debris, restoring the appearance of the landscape and preventing any damage to the grass underneath. Its robust construction ensures it can handle heavier items without damaging the unit.


Thatching Lawns.


Regular thatching is crucial for a healthy lawn as it removes a layer of dead grass and moss that can inhibit water and nutrient penetration. Using the sweeper after dethatching removes all the loose thatch and debris, leaving a clean surface ready for watering and treatment. This enhances the effectiveness of the dethatching process and keeps your yard looking tidy.


Clearing Parking Lots of Litter.


Ideal for commercial properties, the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper efficiently clears litter from parking lots and driveways. Whether it’s leaves, paper, or small debris, this machine’s broad sweep and large hopper capacity make it perfect for maintaining a professional appearance in business settings.



Gathering Fallen Petals and Leaves in Orchards.


Fallen petals and leaves can harbor pests and diseases in orchards. Regular sweeping with the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper helps clean the ground, reduces the risk of pest problems, and promotes healthier fruit production. The sweeper’s gentle brushes ensure that they do not damage the base of the trees while still effectively removing debris.


Cleaning Paths and Walkways.


Keeping paths and walkways clear of natural debris in public parks and extensive gardens improves aesthetics and safety. The sweeper can remove leaves, dirt, and small twigs, preventing slip hazards and maintaining a welcoming environment for visitors.


Preparation of Event Venues.


When preparing for outdoor events, the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper helps clean the venue efficiently, whether in a park, garden, or large outdoor area. This ensures the space is inviting and clean for guests, contributing to the event’s success.


Seasonal Cleanup in Retail Spaces with the Ohio

Steel Lawn Sweeper.


Retail spaces with outdoor areas require regular cleaning to maintain an appealing environment for shoppers. Seasonal cleanup, especially in fall and spring, can be efficiently managed with the sweeper, keeping parking areas and walkways pristine.


Clearing Sports Fields.


The sweeper is excellent for maintaining sports fields and clearing debris like leaves, paper, and small objects that could interfere with gameplay. Regular use helps ensure the playing surface is safe and professional, reducing the risk of injuries and interruptions during sports activities.


Maintaining School Grounds.


Schools can significantly benefit from the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper by keeping playgrounds, sports fields, and parking lots clear of debris. This contributes to a safer and more inviting school environment, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.


Assisting in Municipal Street Cleaning.


Small municipalities or community associations can use the sweeper for street cleaning, particularly in areas without dedicated services. This helps clean residential areas, reduces drainage problems, and improves community sanitation.


Cleaning Industrial Sites with the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.


Industrial sites often accumulate debris that poses safety risks. The sweeper can clean these areas regularly, reducing the likelihood of accidents and maintaining compliance with safety regulations.


Aiding in Farm Clean-Up with the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.


On farms, keeping areas clear of organic debris is crucial for pest control and general cleanliness. The sweeper can be used around barns, coops, and other farm buildings to manage debris effectively.

Beautification of Residential Complexes with the

Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper.


Regular sweeping keeps common areas clean and attractive, which is why residential complexes use the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper. It is perfect for managing these tasks, enhancing residents’ living environments, and supporting property value.


Each application of the Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper highlights its versatility and effectiveness in various settings, making it an invaluable tool for maintaining clean, safe, and attractive grounds.


As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases.

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