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Shop Fox Scroll Saw


This scroll saw has a 1/6 HP motor with a  550-1600 SPM variable speed.  I (Dale) use this kind of saw to make intricate pieces for things like children’s toys and hobby craft gifts involving intricate designs and cuts.


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Shop Fox Scroll Saw

Introduction to the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Shop Fox Scroll SawThe Shop Fox W1872 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a precision-engineered tool with superior performance in detailed woodworking. Equipped with a convenient foot switch, adjustable LED work light, and an integrated miter gauge, this saw provides enhanced accuracy and control for various intricate cutting tasks.


Click here to see a video of the shop Fox Scroll Saw.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhIKEUNyqqY

Multiple accessories.

The rotary shaft allows for the attachment of multiple accessories, making it a versatile choice for hobbyists and professionals. Its sturdy construction and user-friendly design ensure reliable operation and long-lasting durability.

Practical Applications of the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Intricate Woodworking Projects with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Shop Fox Scroll SawThe Shop Fox W1872 is ideal for executing complex cuts in thin wood, making it perfect for creating detailed wooden jigsaw puzzles. The scroll saw’s precision allows for cutting exact interlocking pieces, essential for high-quality puzzle making.

Jewelry Box Crafting.

With its variable speed control and precise blade movement, this scroll saw excels at creating ornate jewelry boxes. Users can craft detailed patterns and delicate cut-outs on the box lids and sides, adding a custom touch to each piece.

Architectural Model Building with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Shop Fox Scroll SawArchitects and model builders can use the W1872 to cut fine details into balsa wood and other materials, creating accurate scale models of buildings. The saw’s ability to handle delicate cuts ensures clean edges and tight fits for professional-grade model construction.


Making Wooden Toys.

The saw is great for designing and crafting wooden toys like cars, puzzles, and figurines. Its ability to produce smooth, precise cuts makes creating toys free from rough edges safe and essential for children’s products.

Decorative Scroll Work with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Artists can utilize the W1872 to perform exquisite scrollwork in wood, creating decorations and wall art. The saw’s fine blade allows for the creation of intricate patterns and motifs that add aesthetic value to any piece.


Custom Signs.

This scroll saw easily cuts custom signs and lettering from wood or plastic, perfect for home décor and commercial signage. The precision cuts ensure that even the most complex fonts and designs are legible and visually appealing.

Marquetry and Inlay Work.

The Shop Fox W1872 suits marquetry and inlay work, where different materials are pieced together to form a picture or pattern. The saw’s fine control allows for exact cuts, which is crucial when fitting several pieces together.

Crafting Clock Faces.

Clockmakers can use this scroll saw to cut intricate designs into clock faces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their creations. The W1872’s precision ensures that even the finest details can be executed flawlessly.

Restoration Work.

Those involved in restoration projects can use the scroll saw to replicate intricate wood components of furniture or architectural elements. Its ability to make precise cuts is invaluable when matching the original designs of historical pieces.


Cutting Acrylic for Displays.

The W1872’s variable speed settings and smooth operation make it suitable for cutting acrylic and other plastics, often used in display cases or model covers.

Educational Projects.

Educators in woodworking or design classes can employ this scroll saw for demonstrations and student projects, teaching precision cutting techniques and safety practices while encouraging creativity.


Hobby Crafts with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Hobbyists interested in crafting scale models, such as trains or airplanes, will find the W1872 invaluable for precisely cutting small, intricate parts.


Fretwork in Furniture With the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

This saw is perfect for creating fretwork in furniture and adding elegant decorative elements to chairs, tables, and other furnishings. The fine control allows for detailed patterns that transform ordinary furniture into exquisite pieces.

Artistic Sculptures with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Artists can use the W1872 to cut out intricate shapes from various materials, assembling them into complex sculptures that highlight their creativity and attention to detail.


Custom Shelving.

For those looking to add unique touches to their home or workshop, the scroll saw can design and cut custom shelving units or storage compartments that fit perfectly into available spaces, combining functionality with a custom aesthetic.


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