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Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman


This 2-piece nursery glider and ottoman set is comfortable with padded arm cushions and pockets for added storage. Enclosed metal ball bearings make for a smooth and gentle nursery rocking experience. Great for mom and dad and grandma and grandpa to rock the little ones to sleep.


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Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman


Introducing the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman.

Storkcraft Glider and OttomanElevate your nursery with the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman, a blend of comfort and classic style designed to complement any room decor. This glider offers an exceptionally smooth and relaxing glide motion with enclosed metal ball bearings, perfect for soothing your baby during feeding or lulling them to sleep.


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Soft, plush cushions with the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman.

Storkcraft Glider and OttomanThe soft, plush cushions provide optimal comfort, and the armrests are thoughtfully designed with added padding to support you while nursing or bottle feeding. The included ottoman is a perfect addition for tired legs, enhancing relaxation. Both the glider and ottoman boast solid wood construction for stability and longevity.


The Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman fit any nursery.

The cushions are spot-cleanable for added convenience, helping keep the glider looking new. Available in various soft, neutral tones, this glider fits seamlessly into any nursery or home space.

Practical Applications for the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman:


Nursing/Bottle Feeding with the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman.

Storkcraft Glider and OttomanIt provides a comfortable and quiet place for feeding your baby.The chair and ottoman are designed to offer proper support to the back, neck, and arms, which can reduce strain on these areas. This is particularly beneficial for parents who spend long periods sitting, such as when feeding or rocking a baby.


Soothing Motions.

It helps soothe and calm babies with its smooth, gliding motion.

Reading Nook:

Ideal for story time with your little ones.

Restful Breaks:

A cozy spot for parents to rest and relax while watching over the baby.

Nighttime Routines:

Assists in establishing a calming nighttime routine, like lulling a child to sleep.

Early Morning Comfort:

Comfortable seating for those early morning wakeups with your baby.

Postpartum Recovery:

Offers comfortable seating support for mothers recovering from childbirth.

Toddler Time:

This is an excellent spot for toddlers to sit with parents for bonding or quiet time.

Pregnancy Relaxation:

Provides excellent back support and comfort for expectant mothers.

Learning to Sit.

A secure place for teaching a baby to sit up with support.


Decorative Furniture:

Stylish design that complements any room décor.

Foot Resting:

The ottoman provides a place to elevate and rest swollen feet, which is common in pregnancy.

Stitching and Craft Seat with the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman.

Comfortable seating while engaging in knitting, crocheting, or other crafts.

Watching TV with the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman.

It provides a comfortable seat in the living room for relaxing and watching television.

Therapeutic Sitting:

Aids in relaxation and stress relief through gentle rocking benefit mental health.The Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman set is beneficial for individuals undergoing physical therapy, especially those recovering from lower limb surgeries or injuries. The smooth gliding motion of the chair assists in gently exercising the leg muscles and joints, promoting circulation and reducing stiffness without exerting excessive stress. The ottoman provides crucial support, allowing for elevation of the legs, which is essential for reducing swelling and improving healing times. Furthermore, the comfortable and ergonomic design of the set supports proper posture, which is vital in preventing strain during recovery periods. This makes the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable, supportive seating option during their physical rehabilitation.


This versatile glider and ottoman set serves multiple practical applications and adds a touch of timeless elegance to any home. Whether you’re a new parent looking for an essential multifunctional nursery or need a peaceful corner to unwind, the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman are the perfect choices.


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