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String Mower


The day came when the weeds under my pine trees and in my septic swale were just too tough and unreachable for my walking mower, riding mower, or weed eater to deal with.  Then I discovered the walk-behind string mower.  It is a high-powered weed eater that reaches those hard-to-deal-with areas.


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String Mower

Introduction to the String Mower.


The Earthquake 37676 M605 Walk-Behind String Mower, equipped with a robust 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, is a formidable ally in managing overgrown and rugged terrains. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this mower features a high-performance cutting system capable of handling dense weeds, thick brush, and even sapling trees.


Clearing large areas with the String Mower.


String MowerBoasting a sizeable 22-inch cutting swath, the M605 efficiently clears large areas with fewer passes, saving time and effort. The unique walk-behind design enhances maneuverability and reduces fatigue, making it ideal for extensive outdoor tasks. The high-wheel construction enables smooth operation over rough surfaces, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the terrain complexity.

The M605’s key aspect is durability, with its heavy-duty construction and high-quality components that resist wear and tear. The cutting strings are tough and long-lasting, designed to withstand the demands of thick brush and rugged terrain.


Click here to see a video of the string mower.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN2ZAf9jOvo

Maintenance with the String Mower.

Maintenance is straightforward, thanks to the easily accessible engine and string assembly, ensuring the mower remains in peak condition with minimal downtime.

The 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine provides reliable power and features advanced technology for reduced noise and emissions, making it an environmentally friendlier choice for outdoor equipment. With its powerful performance and user-focused design, the Earthquake M605 is an excellent tool for various heavy-duty landscaping tasks.

Practical Applications for the String Mower.

1. Managing Overgrown Backyards with the String Mower


String MowerFor homeowners with large, overgrown backyards, the M605 is invaluable. Its ability to cut through dense vegetation and tall weeds makes it perfect for reclaiming neglected areas. This improves the property’s aesthetic appeal and reduces the risk of pests and fires. Regular mowing with the M605 can transform an unruly yard into a neat, manageable space, increasing the usability and enjoyment of your outdoor areas.


2. Clearing Trails and Paths with the String Mower.


Outdoor enthusiasts and property managers will find the M605 ideal for clearing trails and paths. Whether for hiking, biking, or simply accessing different parts of a property, maintaining clear pathways is essential for safety and accessibility. The M605’s ability to maneuver through brutal landscapes ensures that pathways can be apparent from overgrowth and debris, promoting safer and more enjoyable outdoor activities.


3. Landscaping Around Ponds and Banks with the String Mower.


The high wheels and robust engine of the M605 make it suitable for landscaping around ponds, riverbanks, and other bodies of water where the ground may be uneven or marshy. Regular trimming around these areas enhances the view and controls invasive species that might otherwise take over. This helps maintain the habitat’s natural balance and ensures more accessible access to maintenance or leisure activities.


4. Preparing Fields for Planting with String Mower.


String MowerFarmers and gardeners can use the M605 to prepare fields for planting. By clearing weeds and other unwanted vegetation, the soil becomes more accessible for tilling and planting. This initial step is crucial for ensuring that crops have the best start without competition from weeds, leading to better yields and easier farm management.


5. Maintaining Clear Zones Around Properties with the String Mower.


Maintaining clear zones around properties is essential for safety and security, particularly in rural areas where wildfires might be risky. The M605 can quickly clear a perimeter, reducing fuel for potential fires and enhancing visibility and access for emergency services. This preventative measure is a practical step in safeguarding property against natural disasters.


6. Controlling Invasive Species with the String Mower.

In regions where invasive plant species are a concern, the M605 offers a practical control solution. Regularly cutting down invasive species like kudzu or bramble can contain the spread, and native vegetation has a better chance of thriving. This not only helps preserve local flora and fauna but also maintains the health and diversity of the ecosystem.


7. Creating Fire Breaks with the String Mower.


Creating fire breaks is a critical safety measure in areas prone to wildfires. The M605 can clear vast swaths of land, removing potential fuel sources and creating barriers that can slow or stop a fire’s progress. This is particularly important in rural and suburban interfaces where residential areas meet wildlands.


8. Managing Pastures with the String Mower.


For those managing horse or cattle pastures, the M605 is an effective tool for trimming the land and preventing invasive weeds. This promotes healthier grazing and protects the pasture from pests and diseases that can hide in taller weeds. Regular mowing ensures that pastures remain healthy and sustainable for livestock.


9. Clearing Underbrush in Forested Areas with the String Mower.


Forest managers and caretakers can use the M605 to clear the underbrush in wooded areas, which is essential for forest health and accessibility. Removing dense undergrowth helps prevent forest fires and promotes healthier growth of trees by reducing competition for nutrients and light. This also enhances accessibility for recreational use and maintenance.


10. Enhancing Scenic Vistas with the String Mower.

Property owners with scenic overlooks can use the M605 to enhance views by managing the vegetation that might obstruct them. This improves the property’s visual appeal and increases its value. Regularly clearing brush and weeds ensures visitors or residents enjoy unobstructed landscape views.


11. Weed Control in Orchards with the String Mower.


Orchardists can employ the M605 to control weeds around their fruit trees. Keeping the ground clear not only facilitates easier access for harvesting but also reduces the risk of pest infestations that often thrive in unkempt areas. This also helps maintain healthy trees by eliminating vital nutrients and water competitors.


12. Maintaining Sports Fields with the String Mower.


The M605 is perfect for maintaining large sports fields for community centers and schools. Regular mowing keeps the playing surfaces safe and usable, preventing injuries caused by uneven surfaces or hidden obstacles. This also helps keep the fields aesthetically pleasing and ready for community events and sports activities.

13. Maintaining extensive grounds with the String Mower.

Large estate owners will find the M605 essential for gardening and maintaining extensive grounds. Its ability to quickly clear areas for new gardens or maintain existing ones saves time and labor, making large-scale gardening more feasible and enjoyable.


14. Support in Construction Sites with the String Mower.


Construction teams can use the M605 to clear land for new developments or maintain clear areas around existing construction sites. Clearing vegetation before starting construction helps in planning and can prevent machinery from being damaged by hidden obstacles. This also ensures the safety of workers by reducing the risk of accidents caused by overgrown areas.


15. Clearing snow with the String Mower.


Although not its primary design, in emergencies, the robust engine and sturdy build of the M605 can be used to clear light snow from walkways and driveways. This makes it a versatile tool in regions where light snowfall can obstruct access but does not justify a dedicated snow removal machine.


Conclusion about the String Mower.


The Earthquake 37676 M605 Walk-Behind String Mower, powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, offers a versatile and robust solution for various outdoor maintenance tasks. From reclaiming overgrown backyards to preparing planting fields and maintaining scenic vistas, this robust mower provides reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Its design and features make it an essential tool for homeowners, landscapers, farmers, and property managers who demand a high-performance machine capable of tackling diverse and challenging environments. Whether you’re enhancing the functionality of a property, protecting against natural hazards, or simply keeping landscapes beautiful and manageable, the M605 stands ready as a capable and durable partner in outdoor maintenance.


As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases.

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