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Vollgut Chair


The Vollgut Bath Lift Chair is a state-of-the-art mobility aid that provides a safe and comfortable bathing experience. This innovative chair is engineered with user convenience, featuring a simple, push-button operation that smoothly lowers and raises the user in and out of the bathtub. Its sturdy and waterproof construction ensures durability and reliability, even in wet conditions.


Ideal for seniors, individuals with limited mobility, or anyone seeking a safer bathing solution, the Vollgut Bath Lift Chair combines functionality with comfort, making it a valuable addition to any bathroom.

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The Vollgut Chair has become very special to my wife Lois and me.


In our early eighties, we get around very well right now, but we have been thinking about the future when our arthritis gets worse. Will we be able to take a bath without someone to help us? We have discovered the perfect product to maintain our independence in the bathtub, the Vollgut Chair!

This is very special to us because it turns limited mobility into independence.


Limited Mobility Becomes Independence.


Bath ChairThe Vollgut Chair is suitable for people with limited mobility to transfer and lower themselves into a bathtub easily and safely. The chair should be used in tubs longer than 5’6″ so that the legs are fully extended therefore giving you the experience of a soothing bath. Reassurance is provided so that you can take a bath on your own safely and comfortably.  Assurance is given to you and your family members so there will be no concerns about injuries caused by falling in the bathtub! It brings a new sense of self-reliance to those who use it.

It is also notable that the chair is:


Quick to Install!

Vollgut Electric Bath Lift Chair

Installation is not required because the chair comes pre-assembled. Just place the Vollgut Chair into the tub. Be sure to charge the hand control and you are ready to go.  If you follow the included instructions, you will be prepared for many soothing and comforting baths! Contact support for any questions you may have, and you are set to go.

You will also note the:


Vollgut Chair is Easy to Use!

Vollgut Electric Bath Lift Chair

You just need to press the up and down buttons to let the tub lift do its job. After reaching the lowest position, the backrest automatically tilts back by 45°. To get out of the bathtub push the up button, raise the lift to a suitable position, and step out of the tub. This provides a new feeling of confidence and safety.


Another great feature is that the

Vollgut Chair It is Endurable!
Vulgut Electric Bath Lift Chair

It is made of high-density polystyrene. which is easy to clean and strong. It comes with a one-year warranty. If problems occur just contact the company for a free replacement! If there are missing accessories, please check the product manual and contact the company. The Chair is easy to clean and maintain.


Another important factor is the


Vollgut Chair is Secure!

Vollgut Electric Bath Life Chair

The Vollgut chair has a 300-pound capacity and includes a six-suction cup base for security and yet the suction cups are easy to release when removing the chair from the bathtub. Also included is an emergency stop button.


Also please note that the


Vollgut Chair is Comfortable!


The Vollgut chair upholstery is waterproof, and it features a high back that can tilt to 45 degrees. The chair has a battery-charged electric motor that can work normally for more than one hour at a depth of one meter.  Several special features of this product include the following:



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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases.


Click the link to see on Amazon.    https://amzn.to/3NZRlvC

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