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Water Color Artist

Watercolor Artist

Are you a Watercolor Artist in The Making? Do you think about painting landscapes, human portraits, animal figures, country scenes, or small-town venues? Perhaps you have always wanted to be a watercolor painter but just never found the time. Let me introduce you to a great opportunityArtist Emma Lefebvre has written a wonderful book entitled” Watercolor Lessons – How to Paint and Unwind in 20 Tutorials.”

Her book offers an excellent chance to improve your painting skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist.

The 20 tutorials in Emma’s book “Watercolor Lessons” will inspire you!. Follow this link to view her book. https://amzn.to/3NsZl9m

You’ll learn various techniques like blending, layering, and color mixing to create beautiful watercolor paintings. In 20 very understandable lessons, she explains the step-by-step process of completing a beautiful painting.

Water Color Lessons will help you develop your unique style. Start watercolor lessons today and unleash your inner artist!

Water Color Paints

To get started with your Watercolor Lessons you will need a good set of Watercolor paints in tubes. I prefer a tube of paint to dry pans. You will enjoy the freedom of mixing colors on a pallet. I find the tubes quicker and easier to use with less cleanup and longer lasting supply of paint. By squeezing a small about of paint on a pallet and dipping a brush into the water you can mix the paint to the exact thickness for what you need.

Watercolor Artist

You can find watercolor tubes of paint at https://wished-for.com/ under the Arts and Crafts link.https://wished-for.com/product-category/arts-craft/ You can also go directly to Amazon by clicking this link. https://amzn.to/42FQ5TE

Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor Artist

As a watercolor artist, some extra tools can really enhance your paintings. One of the most important tools is a good quality set of brushes. Look for brushes that are specifically designed for watercolor painting, with soft, absorbent bristles that can hold plenty of water and pigment. You can find watercolor brushes at https://wished-for.com/ and under the Arts and Crafts link https://wished-for.com/product/arts-craft-dummy-product-copy/

You can also go directly to Amazon by clicking this link https://amzn.to/441ybvO

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor Artist

Yet another thing you will need for your watercolor lessons is good-quality watercolor paper. Consider investing in a good-quality paper. Look for acid-free paper, with a high weight and a textured surface that will hold the paint well. I suggest using cold press paper.

You will find an excellent recommendation on watercolor paper at https://wished-for.com/ or under the Arts and Crafts link https://wished-for.com/product/arts-craft-dummy-product-copy-5/

You can also go directly to Amazon by clicking this link https://amzn.to/3qFIAPb

Watercolor Artist Portfolio Case

Once you have gathered your lesson book, paint tubes, brushes, and paper, you will discover the need for a Portfolio Case to bring your material together. You will find this useful for carrying your materials to and from the various settings for your work. Check to see if there is a pocket for a bottle of water, a small empty glass, and a spray bottle of water. A used hair spray bottle makes a great spray bottle for your water. Be sure to include a pocket for a plastic pallet for mixing your paint.

You can find a very practical, useable, and attractive portfolio case at https://wished-for.com/ or by searching under the following Arts and Crafts tab https://wished-for.com/product/arts-craft-dummy-product-copy-4/

You can also go directly to Amazon by clicking this link https://amzn.to/3NvHEpx

Watercolor Easel

You will need an easel for holding your paper upright. The one pictured here will sit nicely on a table top next to your paint, brushes, and other materials. You can find a great easel at https://wished-for.com/ or by looking under the Arts and Crafts link https://wished-for.com/product/arts-craft-dummy-product-copy-3/

You can also go犀利士 directly to Amazon by clicking this link https://amzn.to/3Ph81AU

There is yet one more category of things you will need to get started in pursuit of your Watercolor artist dream.

Watercolor Artist Extras.

Aspiring watercolor artists should also equip themselves with a few extra materials to start their creative journey. It’s important to have a glass for clean water, a watercolor palette, a reliable sketching pencil, an eraser, masking fluid, and paper towels. Another useful tool is a palette knife, which can be used to mix colors and create interesting textures in your paintings. A spray bottle can also come in handy for adding moisture to your paper or for creating interesting effects by spraying water onto the wet paint.

For further help in starting your watercolor painting journey, I recommend the following video. Click the following link to watch. https://www.learntopaintwatercolor.com/7secrets

Art Classes for Watercolor Artist in The Making

For affordable art classes, you can search online for offerings at senior centers, artist shops, local artists, and arts and craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Be in touch with these resources to become a Watercolor Artist in The Making.

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