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Why Wished-For.com?

We (Lois & Dale Turner) were thinking about our lives together one day when I (Dale) said “Why don’t we create a website and share with others some of the things we have wished for and loved over the 60 years of our marriage and ministry together? Lois had been a school teacher since 1963 and I (Dale) had been a pastor since 1963. We were married on July 7, 1963, when we began our journey together.
We began to think of the kinds of things the average family needs and wishes for from the first year of marriage to the later years of life. We began to think of BABY THINGS like STROLLERS, HIGH CHAIRS, and CRIBS. we talked about ROCKING CHAIRS for the nursery FRONT PORCH ROCKERS and padded SWIVEL ROCKERS, like ‘The Old Man Chair listed on this website. We thought of COOKING, HOBBIES, TOOLS, etc. – all the things families need and use over a lifetime. Before we knew it, we had listed 15 different niches of things every family wishes for and uses. Here are the categories of things wished for we ended up with.
Arts And Crafts, Baby Things, Cooking, Electronics, Fishing, Games For Families, Hobbies, Lawn Care, Photography, Rocking Chairs, Self Help, Spiritual Resources, Tools, Video Games, and Woodworking.
Before we got done we had listed 90 products that we all wish for and use from the cradle to the grave. We saw that these products come under these 15 categories or niches. So then We decided to write a mission statement. The mission statement came out like this:
“To connect families with the things in life that bring true happiness!“
And so our Website was born!
We learned about Affiliate Marketing and decided to become Amazon Associates. And so https://Wished-For.Com was born.
As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases.
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