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Wished-for.com Family Shopping

Wished-for.com Amazon Family Shopping

Introduction to Wished-for.com Amazon Family Shopping.

Wished-For.com Amazon Family Shopping

Wished-for.com is an intriguing venture into the world of affiliate marketing, spearheaded by Dale and Lois Turner from Wadsworth, Ohio. This online platform reflects the lifetime experiences and insights of this couple, aiming to connect families with products that resonate with various stages of life.

Click this link to see a video of a sample rocking chair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9zue7eXHJ4

The Genesis of Wished-for.com.

Wished-for.com Amazon Family Shopping

The idea for Wished-for.com germinated as Dale and Lois Turner pondered over how to effectively utilize their retirement for generating passive income. Drawing from their deep well of life experiences and their professional backgrounds in ministry and education, they conceived a website that curates’ products which families might wish for as they progress through different life phases. This includes everything from baby essentials like cribs and strollers to items for elderly comfort such as rocking chairs and massagers. The website spans a broad array of categories, reflecting the Turners’ 60-plus years of marriage and shared experiences.

Mission Statement.

The mission of Wished-for.com is straightforward yet profound: to connect families with products that bring true happiness and utility over the course of a lifetime. This mission is intricately linked to the Turners’ vision of sharing a comprehensive list of evergreen products, each reflecting a stage of family life, thereby aiding consumers in making informed decisions that enhance their quality of life.

The Story of Dale and Lois Turner.

Wished-for.com Amazon Family Shopping

Dale and Lois’s journey into the world of online marketing is not just a business venture but a continuation of their life’s work and values. Dale, a retired United Methodist pastor, and Lois, a former schoolteacher, have infused their site with a spirit of community and service. The inspiration for Wished-for.com came from their desire to share the practical tools and joys that enriched their own family life. Their story is a testament to their dedication to helping others find what they need to nurture their own family’s growth and happiness.

Product Showcase.

Wished-for.com features an extensive range of products, meticulously organized into various categories such as Baby Products, Cooking Utensils, Electronics, Fishing Equipment, and more. Each category is tailored to address specific needs and interests at different life stages, from infancy to elder care, making it a one-stop-shop for family-oriented products.

A New Chapter: Affiliate Marketing.

As they explored the realm of e-commerce, Dale and Lois realized the potential of Amazon’s affiliate program to support their vision. They quickly adapted to the affiliate marketing model, which allows them to offer a curated selection of products while earning commissions on purchases made through their site. This transition into affiliate marketing was also documented by Dale Turner in his book, “Wished-For.com a Novice Begins Affiliate Marketing,” which outlines their journey and learning process in adapting to new digital landscapes.

Invitation to Explore.

Dale and Lois Turner extend a warm invitation to all potential visitors to explore Wished-for.com and discover products that could enhance and support their family’s life journey. The website not only stands as a testament to the Turners’ lifelong commitment to service and community but also as a resource for any family seeking to enhance their home and life with practical and joyful products.

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Fishing Equipment        Fishing Equipment Archives – (wished-for.com)
Table Games for Families     Table Games for Families Archives – (wished-for.com)
Photography     Photography Archives – (wished-for.com)
Rocking Chairs     Rocking Chairs Archives – (wished-for.com)
Self Help Accessories    Self Help Accessories (wished-for.com)
Spiritual Resources   Spiritual Resources Archives – (wished-for.com)Hobbies      
Hobbies         Hobbies Archives – (wished-for.com)
Lawn Care     Lawn Care Archives – (wished-for.com)
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