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Wished-For.com Our Story

Wished-For.com Our Story Begins.


Wished-For.com Our Story invites you to imagine that a special occasion is on the horizon, perhaps a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a holiday, the birth of a child, or the retirement of a particular person.  Who will you call on to help you find the perfect gift? Never fear Wished-For.com is here!

What is Wished-For.com?


Wished-For.com is a place where dreams come true. It was created in 2023 by a retired couple living in Wandsworth Ohio. This couple named Lois and Dale Turner had an idea one day as they were thinking about all the special items they had purchased or received in the course of their lifetime of more than 60 years of marriage.

Things that People Need!


They remembered the times when their children were born and cribs strollers rocking chairs and baby things were on their list.

They remembered the growing times when their children began to think of table games, hobbies, fishing trips, and sports.

They thought about the yard work over the years when weed eaters, garden edgers, lawnmowers, and leaf rakes were the in thing!

All of this is a part of Wished-For.com Our Story.

The Cycle of Wishes, Wished-For.com Our Story.

As their children became adults and began their own families, Dale and Lois watched as the cycle of wishes started all over again. It was then that they realized that every family wishes for similar things. Dreaming about the course of a whole lifetime, these authors of Wished-For.com decided to write down a list of products that every family uses.

The Vision of Wished-For.com Comes Together Wished-For.com Our Story.

Wished-For.com Our Stroy

Dale and Lois imagined the name Wished-For.com and created a website. They made a chronological list of the multitude of things the average family uses from the cradle to the grave. As the vision emerged 15 niche categories and 90 products had been listed. All the products are family oriented!

Affiliate Marketing is Discovered Wished-For.com

Our Story.

$8000. Monthly 5 Hours Weekly!?

As the couple searched online for a source of the needed products, they realized that Amazon.com was the place to go! They soon became Amazon Associates and began to share their ideas via the 21st-century concept of Affiliate Marketing. And so Wished-For.com became an Amazon affiliate marketing website!

Dale Writes a Book.


Having gone through the steep learning curve of reviewing a lifetime of useful products and the challenging task of learning about affiliate marketing, Dale decided to record their experience in a book. The book’s title is “Wished-For.com a Novice Begins Affiliate Marketing.” The book is available to read for free on Amazon.com or to purchase in e-book or paperback format.

Click here to see Dale’s book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/46Mwd3e

As Amazon Associates, we earn

from qualified purchases.

An Invitation to Wished-For.comWished-For.com Our Story.


And so, this is our story! Lois and I invite you to experience the joys of a lifetime of quality products and experiences. Join us in this life journey by logging on to Wished-For.com and searching for the things that make your dreams come true.

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A Special Wished-For.com Opportunity.

Many Other Things Wished-For.com Our Story.

With the unlikely result that you do not find what you are dreaming about in the 90 products listed on Wished-For.com, we have a special link. The link is called Many Other Things. Click the link below and our affiliate site will grant you access to every product available on Amazon.com. This is one more service of Wished-For.com Our Story .

Click here to see “many other things.” https://wished-for.com/many-other-things/

As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualified purchases.

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