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One of my favorite things is wood working. I began this hobby at the age of ten in my grandfather’s
garage. I learned more about it in high school and have been doing it on and off ever since. Now as a retiree, I have my own small woodshop. I am not a professional woodworker, but I do pretty good as an average hobbiest. One of the main things I learned about woodworking is the need for some specific power tools. I now have a website called “Wished For Things”
 that includes a list of the most basic, and I think necessary, power tools for a hobbist woodworker. The tools I list here are for the average hobbiest woodworker so I have selected good quality, medium priced tools that the average person can afford. I did not buy all of my tools at once, but collected them over time as I was able to pick them up from my wished for list.

Table Saw

The very first power tool to purchase is a table saw. I highly recommend the “Skill” table saw. It is very sturdy and comes with both a dado insert and a normal insert. Most any woodworking project can be completed with just a table saw, This is a medium priced saw with a ten inc

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